Lenovo Yoga 330 50ID Intel N5000 Harga 5 Jutaan SSD 256GB

Lenovo Yoga 330 50ID spesifikasi dan harga | Quick Spec: Intel N5000, touchscreen 11.6 inci HD, SSD 256GB, Intel UHD Graphics 605, RAM 4GB DDR4, baterai sampai 6 jam, Windows 10 Home x64, 1.25 kg | Memperbaharui lini Yoga kelas bawah yang sebelumnya diisi seri Yoga 310, kali ini Lenovo membawa upgrade yang bagus dengan seri Lenovo Yoga… Read More »

4 Tips to Preparing for a Javascript Interview

We all understand the pressure that comes with making adequate preparation for an interview. Primarily, it is standard procedure for any organization to interview individuals to ease the shortlisting process. That is why many people become anxious because your work is to please the interviewer and stand a chance to get a second call from him or her.… Read More »

HP 14 CM0091AU Harga Murah Banget Cuman 3 Jutaan Pakai SSD 128GB!

HP 14 CM0091AU Harga dan Spesifikasi | Quick Spec: AMD A4-9125, 4GB, VGA AMD Radeon™ R3, 128 GB M.2 SSD, 14 inci HD 1366 x 768, Bluetooth, HDMI, WiFi, Card Reader, Webcam, Windows 10 Single Language 64 | Harga HP 14 CM0091AU Rp. 3.999.000,- | Pilihan laptop SSD murah paling baru datang dari Hewlet Packard. Laptop 14 inci… Read More »

5 Things You Should Know About Internet Privacy

Internet security is one of the most troubling things for internet users, with many people worrying about how to increase their privacy while online. This is for good reasons too, since no one wants hackers or governments, or even their family members snooping around on their online whereabouts. If you are such a person, you have probably heard… Read More »

5 Benefits to Owning an Electric Scooter

Before you buy an electric scooter, it is crucial for you to understand its features. There are many models and designs of scooters produced by different companies. The benefits of owning an electric scooter can never be overstated – they cut across the various brands and models of electric scooters. Get the best electric scooter varieties at jar… Read More »